What Are Your Genital Warts Treatment Options?

If you suspect or have been diagnosed with genital warts, you may wonder what type of genital warts treatment options are available to aid your recovery time, or at least remove the warts from being physically present. There are three excellent surgical genital warts treatment options that are proved to remove genital warts, and there are also tips for home care and medications that can help you control future breakouts. However, one thing you should know upfront however is that there is no definite cure for genital warts, simple genital warts treatment plans that will help keep outbreaks under control.

Most of the genital wart treatments that are performed surgically are the same procedures that are performed for regular warts as well. You may choose to either have your warts frozen off through the process of cryotherapy or electrodesiccation which is when an electric current is used to destroy warts. There is also the additional genital warts treatment that utilizes a laser to burn off the warts, but it does involve anesthesia and is a costly procedure that can cause scarring and leave the area open to more viral attacks later.

A more common genital warts treatment involves medication that a person who suffers from genital warts will have to stay on for the remainder of their lives. Oftentimes with medication you can control the amount of genital warts outbreaks you may experience throughout your life and decrease the need for surgical intervention throughout the disease. The most effective medications that are used for genital warts treatment are a combination of creams, injections, pills, and lotions. Sometimes the topical medications that are used can cause burning and pain, but they do often prove to be effective if you can deal with the side effects.

At home, there are also some basic care guidelines you need to follow to complete your genital wart treatment if you want to keep your outbreaks under control. You need to avoid squeezing or picking at any warts because while it may tempting, they are infective and you can spread them very easily if you get any of the oozing matter on your hands. At the same time, you need to still follow through with your home genital warts treatment by making sure you keep the areas clean with a washrag because they will not heal or stop spreading if you do not continually clean areas prone to infection.

7 thoughts on “What Are Your Genital Warts Treatment Options?”

  1. removal of genital warts

    Warts don generally cause any problems, so its not always necessary to have them removed, unless you have concerns.

  2. christina murr

    if you have them and no one has diagnosed them because there is nothing the nhs will do
    (i’m being sent from pillar to post) and the gum clinic has actually said I haven’t got them!!! is this to save money or what!!! and my GP says I have!!! I’m scared out of my life at the moment especially if I’m going to be infirtile. Reading the above is helping me to calm down at least. Can I buy Condylox gel and Watrol over the counter in Boots or elsewhere at least it will stop them dividing? At the moment they look like lumps inside and are pink. Do you think I should have them removed surgically to get rid of them once and for all (if this can happen?). I feel the whole thing is ghastly and I wasn’t told about these things before and I’ve only just found out that I will have to treat them for life from now on.Please give me some plain speaking answers? I’ve learnt it can happen to anybody – I’ve only had two partners in my life – this is an absolute nightmare and can’t tell my mum till I know more myself – thank you.

  3. Hi Christina, the best way to deal with these warts
    Is to have them frozen off and then just keep the area clean
    Cleaning regularly with salt water to keep the spread of warts
    Under control, good luck 🙂

  4. Not getting warts treated can cause you to get genital or anal cancer later in life. Not a risk I would take when you can just have them frozen or use some cream! Not sure who told you not to get them treated they have bad information, unless u want cancer them I would leave them alone.

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