All About Genital Warts

If you have heard about the sexually transmitted diseases, than you have most likely heard the term genital warts tossed around as one you do not want. There have been many TV commercials that offer medication for those who are forced to live with genital warts because genital warts are something you cannot cure.

If you contract genital warts you will have to learn how to control them rather than effectively cure them. However, having genital warts is not as serious as other sexually transmitted diseases such as AIDS, so you should not immediately despair if you receive a positive diagnosis.

Usually people find out they have the disease because they see the cauliflower shaped warts emerge around their genitals, although the warts usually will go away on their own, there are treatment options to keep outbreaks under control. It is important not to ignore genital warts symptoms however because they are a strain of the HPV virus which if left untreated has been known to cause cervical cancer. Most people are placed on a medication regime that helps prevent genital warts breakouts and minimizes the side effects of burning and rashes from breakouts.

Serious breakouts can lead to surgical removals of warts such as laser treatments or freezer burn methods of wart removal. However, these genital warts removal methods are usually avoided if they can be because warts do come back, so they are only temporary fixes to a larger problem.

During a breakout, rashes are usually treated with medicated lotions or creams which help with burning and help the warts disappear sooner. It is important to note that just because genital warts may go away on their own or with treatment the disease is not cured, as you may suffer another breakout within months or possibly the next day. You can still spread genital warts to your partner or partners as well, even if you are not in a breakout. Thus, you want to make sure you stay on medication for your own health and stay protected for your partner’s sake.

If you want to protect yourself from genital warts, there is now a vaccine for young women that they can take between the ages of 8-25 that will protect them from contracting the disease later in life. Therefore, if you fit the age requirements or your daughter does, you may want to consider taking the HPV vaccine so the possibility of genital warts is erased from your mind.

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  1. Quazi monirul islam

    I am from Dhaka. It is my wife who is now at 35.She had a boil in her left buttock one year back. After using ointment the boil gone, but later the point of the boil start to grow up like a cauliflower.(It is Located 30 mm left of her anus) within 3 months it became the size of a red grape i.e.15*15*15 mm. then I visited a homeopathy Dr. Take medicines as per his advice .the growth was retarded for three months. But for the last three months it started to grow again and now it is of the size of 35*25*30 mm. and having its Hanging of 8 mm. and occasional itching. It just resembles a cauliflower. Please any Dr. suggest me what to about it, is it a genital wart? Should it be operated with laser?

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