Denavir: Effectiveness & Side Effects in Treating Genital Warts

Denavir is an antiviral cream which is often prescribed to treat cold sores on the lips and face that are caused by the herpes simplex virus. Denavir or its generic drug name penciclovir topical helps to prevent the growth of the virus and reduce the severity of the outbreak of lesions on the areas around the mouth or face caused by the herpes virus. The recommended dosage for the medication is external application on the affected area once every two hours for a period of four consecutive days until the sores and blisters subside.

As Denavir is an antiviral medication, some patients have used it to treat another virus-infected disease of an almost similar nature, which are genital or venereal warts. To examine whether Denavir is effective in treating genital warts, one needs to first develop an understanding about the two diseases including their symptoms and complications before arriving at any conclusion.

Like herpes, genital or venereal warts is a contagious disease that can be transmitted during sexual intercourse. They are both sexually transmitted diseases (STD), and unfortunately cannot be cured.

There are distinct differences between venereal warts and herpes. For one, genital warts are caused by a different virus known as human papillomavirus (HPV) instead of herpes simplex virus which is the virus responsible for herpes.

Another major difference between herpes and HPV lies in their outward symptoms, symptom locations and conditions. Symptoms of genital herpes are the appearances of blisters or sores on the genitals, buttocks and anal area, whereas symptoms of oral herpes are blisters and sores around the lips and face. Blisters and sores caused by herpes are often itchy, swollen and sometimes, painful and they often break out when the patient’s immune system is affected such as during stressful situations or when the body is weakened due to lack of sleep or illness.

HPV on the other hand does not often produce any outward symptoms and if they do, they are known as genital warts which are hard or soft flesh cauliflower-shaped lumps around the genital areas. Due to its general lack of symptoms, patients with HPV sometimes do not realize they are infected.

Can Denavir treat Genital Warts?
Genital warts can be either removed surgically or treated with antiviral cream application. There are currently several antiviral cream products in the market that can be used for herpes as well as genital warps.

So far Denavir has not been proven to treat genital warts. It is an antiviral cream which is manufactured for external application on cold sores caused by the herpes simplex virus; there has not been any claim by its manufacturer that it can treat HPV. Secondly, it is also specifically recommended only for external application on the lips and on the face, and not to be applied inside the mouth, the nose, near the eyes or on genital areas. The latter could cause skin irritation or other side effects.

By following its recommended dosage, Denavir can reduce and contain the outbreak of swollen painful sores caused by herpes simplex virus within a matter of days. However, it can only contain and limit the outbreak of sores but cannot cure or prevent the transmission of the virus. Similarly, Denavir is unlikely to treat or prevent the transmission of HPV virus. Furthermore, genital warts caused by HPV are normally not painful but only cause discomfort and itch. In some cases, they often go away on its own even though no treatment is applied.

Therefore, one should seek medical advice before using Denavir on genital warts as the medication is not meant to fight HPV virus in the first place. However, there may be instances when symptoms are similar and it is essential to receive the right diagnosis in order to receive the right treatment.

2 thoughts on “Denavir: Effectiveness & Side Effects in Treating Genital Warts”

  1. patty houston

    I used Wartrol for my genital warts problem. Felt icky about anything cream-based/ointment so I looked for something that was liquid.

    Genital warts can be really annoying and frustrating to get rid off. Happy to say I am now wart-free. 😉

  2. Genital warts are really stubborn! Didn’t think I’d be able to get rid of them but wartrol worked. I thought it would continue to make me miserable (referring to the warts, of course!) but I got rid of it and I feel great again.

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