Condylox: Overview, Benefits, and Side Effects

Among the various types of conditions one can obtain, none are as humiliating as a wart. The odd, malformed skin bumps, although small, cause a severe amount of emotional distress. The problem only exacerbates when they are contracted in the genital region. Also known as venereal warts, genital warts are very embarrassing and has prompted scientists to create medications to eradicate or reduce their appearance and frequency; one such medication is Condylox.

Pathology: What’s a Wart?

A wart is a typically benign tumor that appears as the result of contracting a virus known as the Human Papilloma Virus or HPV. HPV is normally transmitted through open cuts or scabs on the skin, and once inside, begins to produce the tumors. In most cases, HPV is simply a cosmetic annoyance. But in rarer cases, HPV can cause certain types of cancer. In order to reduce the risk of contracting a severe case, doctors usually remove the warts with liquid nitrogen or lasers. Not only that, but there has recently been a vaccine that reduces the risk of contracting HPV.

In the case of genital warts, someone who has contracted HPV has sexual intercourse with a non afflicted partner. If unprotected, skin contact with a wart can result in the Human Papilloma Virus spreading to the genital areas. The result is warts in or near the anus, perineum, and the sexual organs.

How Does Condylox Work?

Condylox is a prescription gel-lotion that contains roughly .5% podofilox, a chemical found in rhizome tubers. Seeing that warts are simply cells reproducing at a rapid rate, the goal of the gel is to prevent the cells from dividing. The anti-mitotic agent in Condylox is podofilox, which when applied on the wart, prevents the cells from multiplying, causing them to die.

Note: Condylox is prescribed only for use on genital and perennial warts. Condylox also simply acts as a treatment for when warts appear; it is not a cure.


Using Condylox offers a plethora of benefits. These include:

Non-invasive treatment: Instead of removing warts via freezing, electricity, or burning, all of which can be very painful, especially in the sensitive genital areas, Condylox is a simple topical gel that offers the same treatment with little pain. Not only that, but Condylox does not require one to return to their doctor to remove every wart. They must only obtain a prescription from them and visit for check-ups.

Immune Strengthening Method: Condylox appears as a simple topical cream, but when applied, the anti-mitotic chemical podofilox alerts the immune system that there are cells appearing to divide rapidly. This extra “heads up” allows the body to remove the warts quickly and reduces the amount of outbreaks one has.

Side Effects

Although Condylox appears to be the best method for treatment of genital warts, it should be noted that the medication does not work for everyone. Several side effects have known to occur from people using Condylox. These include:

-Burning sensations at site of application
-Stinging pain

Fortunately these side effects are relatively mild and are usually caused by an over-application of the gel.

In rarer cases, people who are allergic to Condylox can experience more severe side effects which include:

-Wheezing/Difficulty breathing
-Tightness in chest
-Swollen face, throat, lips, and tongue
-Severe bleeding and irritation at application site
-Extreme burning sensation found at the application site

Note that these are very rare side effects that occur only if patient is allergic.

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