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Genital Warts Treatments - Buyer Beware

Introduction: Our company's mission is to monitor the safety and efficacy of health care products and to share our findings with consumers. Recently, we have received a large number of complaints regarding genital wart treatments, some of them very alarming. We spent the last year reviewing over 20 different genital warts relief products available online. While there is no cure for genital warts, we wanted to identify products that provided relief from the outbreaks without side effects. Several of the products required a major change in lifestyle and eating habits, which for most people is very inconvenient and expensive. Other products can cause liver damage.

Results: We identified 3 products over the year that met all of our criteria - fast acting,healing agent, and above all excellent results. All 3 of the products below were extremely effective genital warts treatments. Read our reviews below and choose a natural treatment with proven results.

Study Dates: May. 11 2008 - May. 9th 2009


#1 Wartrol ®

Wartrol includes several all natural ingredients that has proven effective for bringing relief genital warts outbreaks . Wartrol is the most effective genital warts treatment on the market today, and as a result, clearly earns the #1 spot in our rankings. We were pleasantly surprised by the phenomenal success rate that Wartrol achieved. Most Wartrol can see visible results within the first few weeks of usage.Other benifits are:

  • Very high success rate
  • Fast, effective results
  • Natural Treatment, No irritation or side effects

Wartrol comes with a money back guraentee so it's Our #1 Choice

#2 Dermisil

Dermisil Immune Renew is a proprietary blend of eight natural and organic plant extracts which help provide additional immune system support due in part to its high 1,3 Beta Glucan content. One, three Beta Glucans are highly valuable to immune system response, although they are increasingly lacking in a typical, modern diet..

#3 Heal Warts

Heal Warts has been specially formulated for the removal of common HPV virus symptoms including: * common, verruca, body and flat warts * plantar warts: planter/planters warts * genital warts: vaginal, penis, anal and venereal

Genital Warts and Your Health - Important Information

Genital warts are not something you want to ignore. Over time, they will multiply on your genitals and around your anus. For some people, their warts become painful and can even make it difficult for them to walk. Since they are highly contagious, they can easily spread to your sexual partner. The longer that your warts are left untreated, the harder they will be to cure. Therefore you must take action now to prevent this! For treatment of your genital warts, we recommend Wartrol. No other products can compare to the quality, speed and effectiveness of Wartrol. Prescription medications are twice the price, and half as effective. With a full 6-month supply of Wartrol, there is a money back guarantee that your warts will be gone for good.